Malaga Tours -
Private & Small-Group Excursions from Malaga


Malaga Tours -
Private & Small-Group Excursions from Malaga


Top Quality Day Tours

Shore Excursions

 Private and small-group excursions with personal pickup from the port of Malaga at unbeatable prices! 

Private Tours

 Enjoy top quality private excursions with hotel pickup from Malaga, Marbella, and  elsewhere in the Costa del Sol

Walking Tours

Arrange your own private guide for a walking tour in Malaga, Ronda, Granada, Córdoba, and more! 

About Us

We employ a team of passionate drivers and guides that will make your holiday enjoyable and memorable!

What to See & Where to Go

See our recommendation for the most popular destinations from Malaga and the Costa del Sol

Other Destinations

See our recommendation for the best tour providers in the Mediterranean

We are the Excursion Experts!

Unbeatable Value for Money

Our shore excursions cost half and sometimes even a third of what you would pay through the cruise ship!

Small Group Touring

Our Malaga tours are always done in a small-group setting, so you get a more personal and enjoyable experience.  Avoid having to walk around in groups of 50+ people and tour in a small group.

Expert English Speaking Guides

Our guides are experts at what they do! We will not bore you with rehearsed text and offer an interesting experience for your day's excursion.

Worry Free Shore Excursions

We guarantee to return you back to the cruise ship on time or we will pay all your expenses.  We have never been late to a cruise departure – ever!

Accommodating Refund Policy

There is no charge if your cruise ship is unable to dock at the port for circumstances beyond your control.  Also, there is a full refund for any cancellations with more than 48 hours notice.